Students in Carpentry I Class Are Building Bookcases

Students in Carpentry I Class Are Building Bookcases

The students in Mr Cea's Carpentry I class are building bookcases. The students did everything - measuring, cutting, assembling, sanding, and staining - to make their bookcases look great with their chosen color. This is one of the projects students do in Mr. Cea's class, which prepares them for a career in carpentry if they...

Carpentry Book Case Projects

Carpentry Bookcase Projects

Students in Mr Cea’s Carpentry I class work on their bookcase projects. The students cut the pieces and put them together. The plan is to sand them down and then pick a color to stain them with.  

Spice Rack Cabinetry

Spice Rack Cabinetry

Students in Mr McGuckin's Carpentry 2/3 class assemble their spice racks. The students measured and cut the pieces they are assembling. Once the racks are fully formed, they will be sanded and stained.

Construction Trades Drywall Spackling

Construction Trades Drywall Spackling

The students in the Construction Trades Class taught by Mr Smith and Mr Landon are learning how to finish drywall. They apply spackle to the drywall joints and smooth them out before painting.

Carpentry Table Staining

Carpentry Table Staining

Mr. Cea's Carpentry I students are putting the finishing touches on their tables. They have worked hard to measure, cut and assemble the pieces in previous classes. Now they are staining their projects with pride.

Ceiling framing

Carpentry-Framing the Ceiling

Mr. Smith instructs his Construction Trades Academy students to install the ceiling for their structure. Once the ceiling is complete, the class will install sinks & toilets with running water. Followed by electricity for lighting.  

Window framing

Carpentry Framing Project

Mr. Smith's Carpentry students are learning how to build a structure. They have already made the ceiling and are ready to attach it later. Now they are working on the window frame for their project.

Maze project

Carpentry Maze Projects

Students in Mr McGuckin's Carpentry 3 class work on their Maze project. The students learn how to cut different lengths of wood at different angles & fit them together.

Bird House Assignment

Birdhouse Assignment

Mr.McGukin’s Carpentry II class completed their birdhouse project, the assignment consisted of the students' skills to take correct measurements and assemble the pieces properly. Once the students completed the initial steps, their creative skills were used to achieve their finished product.

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