Electrical Circuit Installation

Electrical Circuit Installation

Students in Mr Lawson’s/Mr Smiths construction trades class learn how to install electric circuits. Mr Lawson demonstrates how to install the junction box, which acts as a source of power. Then students take a turn at installing the junction boxes & showing Mr Lawson what they have learned.

Installing Receptacles

Electrical Receptacles Students in Mr. Lawson's class learn how to install Quad Receptacles using two techniques: pigtails, which are multiple wires of the same color coming into a box pigtailed back to a device and jumpers which transfer power from one receptacle to another.

four-step circuit process

Four Step Circuit Process

Mr. Lawson’s Intro to Electricity class learned the four-step process to complete a circuit. The first step was mounting the switch. Following, the class roughed-in the cable from the switch to the lamp. The next step the students connected to the power source. Last, they completed a test run to ensure they completed properly all four steps. Continue reading