District Forms

These are theĀ most common forms. If you cannot find the form you are looking for, go to the appropriate department's website to find it.

District Facility & Food Bus Request Form

Facility Request (Internal Use)
(The same password as the Request for Leave Form)

Food Bus Request Form (Internal Use)
(You must be logged in your HCST Email to access the form)

Human Resources Forms

Per Diem Time Sheet

Request for Time

Leave Forms

Request for Leave, Leave During Work, and 9250
(Please Note: new form, same password)

Teacher PDP

Technology Services Forms

FJGC Theatre Advance Sheet (Please complete to reserve the Main Stage, Black Box Theatre, etc)

EWBC Theatre Advance Sheet (Please complete to reserve the Theatre, etc)

Technology Request

Technology Replacement Form

Equipment Loan Form

Visitor Management System

Envoy Dashboard

Envoy Information Page