Work-Based Learning Program (WBL) - INTERNSHIP 101

What is a Work-Based Learning Experience? A Work-Based Learning Experience provides students with the opportunity to gain real-world, hands-on experience in a professional environment. You will be able to deepen your knowledge and learn from your experiences to prepare you for your future.

Student Internship Best Practices


Have a positive attitude and always conduct yourself in a professional manner.
Show respect for colleagues, do not engage in gossip, make inappropriate jokes, tease, or harass anyone in the workplace. Report anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable.
Communicate professionally and refrain from using curse words or poor grammar. Express gratitude towards your employer and colleagues.


Adhere to the dress code guidelines of your worksite. Your attire is based on where you are placed. If you are in a medical setting, you may be required to wear scrubs, an office setting may require business casual attire. If you are not sure, ASK.
Arrive at work clean, neat, and well-groomed. Inappropriate attire could result in you being sent home.


Always arrive on time. If you are unable to make it for any reason or running late let your site supervisor know immediately. Ask how they would like to be contacted.
Your attendance will affect your placement. They depend on you! Any punctuality issues could be grounds for termination of your Work-Based Learning Experience.


First impressions are very important, and you only get one shot to SHINE! Take the initiative to network with business professionals.
Have good posture, make eye contact, give a firm handshake and speak clearly.
End conversations politely such as “it was nice to meet you” or “thank you for your time.”

Cell phones

Use your personal cell phone for important calls or texts only. Put your phone on silent.
Ask about the cell phone policy and follow them. If you need to make or receive a call or text, be sure to let your supervisor know ahead of time.

Social media

Practice good judgment posting on social media. Think before you post, like, share, or comment. Be kind. Be appropriate.
If it is posted or printed it is there forever. Just because you delete something doesn’t mean it is gone from others. Businesses will also browse and search your social media.he future.

Internship Preparation CHECKLIST

Create your resume using Naviance or use another resume template. Have your counselor or parent review it. Always keep your resume current!
Apply for a WBL placement in the spring of your junior year.
Do research on the places you are interested in and have your 30-second elevator pitch ready.
Practice interviewing with a parent, teacher, or friend and ask questions in your interview. The more you practice you will be more comfortable answering and asking questions.
Follow up after the interview and write a thank you letter to the person(s) who interviewed you.
If your WBL was successful, ask your supervisor if they would write you a letter of recommendation in the future.