Become a Partner today!

Do You Want To Help Shape The Workforce Of The Future In Your Field?

Industry and business partners play a significant role in developing programs that are aligned with current and future industry standards as well as in developing career-readiness skills with our talented student body. Help eliminate gaps between current workforce skills and projected needs through mentorship.

What we need from you:

Community partnerships are essential to our programming. Our district currently offers over 20 vocational majors, a partnership with you would allow our students a way to apply what they are learning in class with real-life situations. We are in need of various work-based learning experiences that provide students with opportunities to practice work readiness and occupational skills. Without your participation, we would not be able to offer any of these experiences to our diverse student community.

What is the role of business partners?

The active involvement of employers—from small local businesses to global corporations – is the key to developing a strong workforce pipeline.

Industry Partners can:

  • Share their expertise as career program advisory boards members
  • Hire graduates and assist in job placements
  • Offer internships, apprenticeships, and work-based learning opportunities
  • Offer site visits and student tours of facilities
  • Mentor students
  • Serve as guest speakers
  • Participate in technical skill assessments
  • Help train career and technical education teachers in new technologies

The Benefits of Becoming a Partner

Partners play a crucial role in helping career programs at county vocational schools keep pace with a fast-changing economy. It’s a small investment of time with a big payoff for employers and future job seekers.

Employers in key industries will find considerable benefits from a partnership. Among those benefits are developing a future workforce in your specialized areas, expanding your business outreach to under-represented communities, and engaging in mentoring opportunities. Studies show that mentoring opportunities within a business prove to increase employee loyalty, promote leadership development, and reduce learning times and costs associated with the hiring of new employees.

Our goal is to expand employer partnerships, so students will graduate with sustained
work-based learning experiences that will make them career-ready in a changing economy.

Procedures for WBL experiences that address access, selection, liability, supervision, responsibilities, safety, transportation, learning objectives, and evaluations are formalized prior to WBL experiences and done in collaboration with the employer partner, students, and parents/guardians. You may modify your partnership at any time.