In-Home Fitness Challenge

Faced with difficult times, a positive attitude and small individual contributions strengthen us as a community. The following is an In-home physical fitness assignment we gave our P.E students that I think any of us could follow while home. Stay active, stay healthy.

Select a group (A, B, C, or D) and begin your fitness challenge by performing Day 1 workout. You will add a single repetition to each exercise every time you perform the routine. For example, if you choose group B, on your first day you will do 5 repetitions per exercise, on your second day you will do 6 repetitions per exercise and so forth. You will be responsible for a minimum of 4 workouts per week.


Group D provides a more challenging routine for those individuals aiming to perform a high-intensity session. Aim to perform a maximum number of repetitions in a 30-second bout with 30 seconds resting periods in between exercises. One completed round should take 3:30 min. During your first week, you will perform 2 rounds each day. You must record the number of repetitions you reach for each exercise in the allotted time frame. Your aim for the following week, if needed, will be to increase the number of repetitions per exercise.
Interval workout allows each individual to reach maximum capacity independently of age, grade, or current physical fitness level.

Day 1

3 push-ups
3 squats
3 sit-ups
3 burpees

Day 1

5 push-ups
5 squats
5 sit-ups
5 burpees

Day 1

7 push-ups
7 squats
7 sit-ups
7 burpees

Day 1

Max reps in 30 seconds for each