Wood Tech Students at HTHS Team Up for End-of-Year Project

(Secaucus, NJ––June 14, 2021) With end-of-year cookouts planned for HTHS students, the juniors and seniors in Mr. Zach Bolich’s Wood Technology class knew that the celebrations wouldn’t be complete without a cookout staple: cornhole. So, according to Dr. Joseph Giammarella, Principal of HTHS, the students designed and built custom cornhole boards for their peers to use at the end-of-year celebrations.

Cornhole is a simple backyard game, where a two-person team tosses bean bags onto a wooden platform with a hole. The goal is to land as many bags into the hole as possible. Simple as it seems, however, it requires some technical skills to build the angled wooden platforms.

According to Mr. Bolich, this team effort was led by his junior class, who designed the boards and cut them using a CNC router. The sophomores in Mr. B’s class lent a hand by doing the edge-banding, and the seniors focused on the details and assembly. Of course, the boards were subjected to rigorous product testing by Mr. Bolich and all of his students.

After the year-end celebration, Mr. Bolich and his students hope to start a cornhole league as an intramural activity next school year.

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