CPHS’ Carolann Cuebas Wins Special Jury Award at Montclair Film Competition!

Carolann Cuebas
Carolann Cuebas

Mrs. Martinez has announced Carolann Cuebas, a junior in Audio Visual Production, won a Special Jury Award at Montclair Film’s Emerging Filmmakers Competition.

The EFC Showcase category this year was “My Covid Life!” Cuebas produced and edited a short film, “Life During a Pandemic,” which focuses on the big change in our lives from the beginning of quarantine to the end.

Cuebas explains her film: “At first, we didn’t understand the seriousness of it and went about our day, which is why the colors are brighter and the music is calmer. After a few months, the repetitive days and loneliness became the biggest obstacle. The colors faded and the music became more gloomy to express the mood. The end of the film shows the bigger picture; the streets going from crowded and lively to empty, and the rise in the number of deaths from the virus. Overall the film highlights the hardships many experienced during this pandemic.”

Cuebas states, “Despite the hardships of the pandemic highlighted in my video, I'll always be grateful for the personal growth it's caused me, and would not have been the same without it.”

Congratulations to Carolann on her award!

Watch Life During a Pandemic on YouTube

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