Visitor Management System

Go to:1 or call: 201-662-6560 for Tech Support Hudson County Schools of Technology (HCST) will use Envoy Visitors as a visitor management system. All staff must input their visitor's information using Envoy. Steps All visitors will sign in on the iPad at the security desk. When your visitor arrives, you will receive an email...

TS- Dell Members Purchase Program

DELL MEMBER PURCHASE PROGRAM   Tech MenuOffice of the Superintendent HCST Home Post Secondary Home CDC Home CTE Home Page HCST Home Page Thomas A. DeGise Center BOARD OFFICE HOME Board Members Board Meeting Agendas Board Meeting Notices Board Meeting Schedule County Executive Orders District Calendar Job Opportunities Organizational Chart Purchasing Manual Q.P.A. & P.A.C.O....


Cybersecurity Issue? Use the Help Desk to report cybersecurity issues: or call Tech Support to report any cybersecurity issues: 201-662-6560 Cybersecurity PSA for parents and caregivers from FBI

TS – Search Website

If you need information about a specific school, go to their website first. Follow the steps below to search for articles.

TS – AI For Web

It is important to export your portfolio designs from Illustrator instead of sharing the Illustrator file.  We do not all have the same fonts installed so there can be unexpected design issues when sharing your Illustrator file. Exporting ensures your design looks the way you intended it to look. Review the screenshots below to export...

TS – Windows

Go to: or call: 201-662-6560 for Tech Support If you need help connecting your Windows 10 device to a wireless printer at home just follow the directions in the slideshow below. If you need more detailed information click the link below for an article at Click to go to article>>

TS – Voicemail

Go to:1 or call: 201-662-6560 for Tech Support Call your number. Wait until you reach your voicemail greeting. Then Press the star [*] key to interrupt it. Enter your voicemail ID (your extension) when prompted to do so. Then press #. i.e..... 6700# Enter Voicemail PIN (password) then press # You are now in...

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