Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling Fan Installation

In Mr. Lawson’s and Mr. Smith’s construction trades class, students showcased their practical skills by successfully installing a ceiling fan. They meticulously connected the fixture’s power and methodically assembled and mounted the fan. The students’ sense of accomplishment was evident as they admired their handiwork.

light fixture installation

Light Fixture Installation

In the Career Academy course taught by Mr. Smith and Mr. Lawson, students acquire the skills to set up lighting systems.

Electrical Circuit Installation

Electrical Circuit Installation

Students in Mr Lawson’s/Mr Smiths construction trades class learn how to install electric circuits. Mr Lawson demonstrates how to install the junction box, which acts as a source of power. Then students take a turn at installing the junction boxes & showing Mr Lawson what they have learned.

Installing Receptacles

Electrical Receptacles Students in Mr. Lawson's class learn how to install Quad Receptacles using two techniques: pigtails, which are multiple wires of the same color coming into a box pigtailed back to a device and jumpers which transfer power from one receptacle to another.

four-step circuit process

Four Step Circuit Process

Mr. Lawson’s Intro to Electricity class learned the four-step process to complete a circuit. The first step was mounting the switch. Following, the class roughed-in the cable from the switch to the lamp. The next step the students connected to the power source. Last, they completed a test run to ensure they completed properly all four steps.

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