Two County Prep 2009 Graduates Display Artwork at NJCU End of Year Show

Christopher Mineses and Daniel Jones, 2009 graduates of County Prep High School, recently displayed their artwork during their BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) end of year show at New Jersey City University. The show ran from Monday, April 7 – Thursday, April 10 in the NJCU Visual Arts Building. The event began with a reception on Monday evening.

Art work

Art work“Instant Gratification,” the title of Christopher Mineses’ show is a reflection of his personal philosophy, both in his life and in his art. Chris’ passion for achieving a sense of balance and gratification is expressed through his love of visual art and music.

Art work

He states that the misconception of Hip-Hop culture is what inspires him to disprove the negative stereotypes associated with the genre, and to relate how this music has impacted events on his journey to adulthood. His goal was to create a visual timeline of his life in order to leave the viewer with a better understanding of who he is.

Art workHope and Love are themes that are easily identifiable in Daniel Jones’ artwork. His talent of combining text and imagery proves that words, though small in size, are powerful. It is his belief that words convey deep, powerful messages that can inspire, teach, and remind us that we are loved. He wants the viewer to understand these messages and apply them to their own lives. Daniel’s hope is that his choice of verses will comfort, inspire and give hope to his audience.

Principal Barbara Mendolla congratulations Chris and Daniel and wishes them continued success.

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