Peer Leadership & Social Skills Clubs Collaborate for a Good Cause

Students from County Prep’s Social Skills Club and the Peer Leaders program partnered in community service at the Community Food Bank of NJ (CFB) in Hillside. The CFB is one of the state’s leading organizations working for over 45 years to lessen hunger throughout New Jersey. CFB receives food donations from supermarket chains and other providers. In turn, the CFB distributes cartons of food to its community partners. These include food pantries, non-profit organizations, churches, schools, and other groups. Central to helping CFB fulfill its mission are volunteers from businesses, schools, churches, and community groups.

County Prep students worked in the pasta room packaging pasta into small bags for distribution to the CFB’s food network. Students had a great time working in the pasta room while singing and moving to the music played overhead. The students displayed teamwork, comradery, and efficiency. Best of all, our County Prep team packaged a pallet of pasta providing meals for families facing food insecurity.

Student Feedback:

Z.B. “Being able to give back to the community, though our task of packing pasta was a mere percentage of the work the Community Food Bank does for our state; truly made it feel like I was making a difference. We were able to pack 692 bags during our shift, working as a team and developing warm relationships with members of the club.”

M.N. “I had an amazing experience during this trip. Taking time of out my day to volunteer is something I am always up for. I had a great time interacting with the students and the peers on this trip. This is something I would like to do again next year.”

T.A. “When I first arrived at CFB, I thought it was a regular building but I realized it was a big warehouse with donations of food. It was nice to volunteer because I could help people and I had a good time staying there.”

S.D’. “I went to the Food Bank to help bring food to people in need. We put the pasta in different bags and then put it into the big box for delivery. It was fun helping people.”

S.D. “I liked helping hungry children. Sharing is caring.”

J.J. “I thought it was really fun putting the pasta in the bags—it reminded me of a Mario party mini-game. But I also loved working together with the others. I felt speedy. To keep it blunt, I loved the trip.”


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