HTHS Freshman Animatronics Phenom Goes Pro

(Secaucus, NJ--December 15, 2020) High Tech freshman Jack Adamski, of Kearny, has landed his first professional gig as a freelance product designer for Marvel Power, a Hong Kong based animatronics company, announced Dr. Joseph Giammarella, Principal of High Tech High School.

Led by an early love for Halloween animatronics, Jack began seriously investigating and designing his own animated mechanical figures at age 10, when he launched his own YouTube page, JTAHaunts. From this platform, Jack formed a group of like-minded students from across the United States who shared with each other their original designs, fixed broken toys, and generally steeped themselves in the nuanced world of new and vintage animatronics. Through networking on YouTube and LinkedIn, as well as showcasing his own work on Instagram, one of Jack’s prototypes caught the eye of a representative from TekkyToys, a global animated novelties company. From this initial contact, Jack’s professionalism and creativity earned him a recommendation to Marvel Power, who then hired the high school freshman as a freelance product designer.

Jack is now responsible for designing 60 products over the next three seasons, with the goal of having his ideas land on the shelves of your local holiday shops.

Although Jack has already landed his dream job, he is learning far more about the professional world of animatronics as he considers the business end of design. Additionally, as a student in the Academy for Design and Fabrication (D|Fab), Jack will bring practical experience to his potential studies of mechatronics or industrial design as an upperclassman. In the meantime, Jack has set his sights on achieving his next major life goal: attending Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA.

Gregory Simon, Supervisor at D|Fab, commended Jack’s work ethic, saying: “Jack truly embodies the maker ethic of our D|Fab students. We love to see a student who can fully immerse themselves in their passions and pursue them at a professional level.”

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