High Tech’s Theatre Arts Students Perform in the Annual Improv Show and Fundraiser on February 8th, 2024

High Tech’s Theatre Arts Students Perform in the Annual Improv Show and Fundraiser on February 8th, 2024

Only two weeks after our successful run of You Can’t Take It With You, High Tech Theatre Arts improvisers performed in our Annual Improv Show, consisting of original skits and live improvisation performances created by each of the four Theatre Classes.

The show followed an SNL style format that started with the typical Cold Opening, Lady’s Talking TV Show hosted by Seniors Chantal Gomes and Abigail Bhikam and ended with Weekend Update hosted by Senior and performer Emile LaMorte and performer and joke writer Junior Aidan Chapas. The musical guest was Tatiana Younger who performed Snooze (cover).

The Senior class performed in a variety of skits, among which Dos Mamas (performed by Seniors Nicole Nina, Emile LaMorte, Mason Castillo and Cassandra Booker) was a particular crowd pleaser. Other seniors performing were Isabella Rodriguez, Eileen Berger, Shalma Lopez. Brianna Lutin, Olivia Marum, Kichi McNulty, and Hanna Wilson.

A Junior skit that won the audience’s hearts was Press Conference in which Aidan Chapas played the lead (President Bident), and was joined by Andrew Morgado, Jillian Vega, Elanie Benitez and Isabella Conde. Also performing were Juniors Makayla Jones, Gabriela Diaz, Kim Quirante, Aylah Dornbos, Roman Arizmendi, Ariel Washington and Mystique Auguste.

Another favorite was Celebrity Match game performed by Sophomores Ethan Duran, Stefany Gomez, Alexa Rabago and Jolie Shenouda and hosted by Senior Isabella Rodriguez.

Finally the entire Freshman class performed as well, and in particular the Hype House skit had everyone laughing with Anya Al Jabri, Aisha Kulenu, Sariah Rodriguez, Macaela Silva, Gabriela Alba, Chloe Pogatsias, Hager Hassan and Naima Savre. Also performing from the Freshman class were Christie Gonzalez, Rime Nachath, Arianna Urgiles, Ingrid Sarango, Stephy-Yah-Marley St. Georges, and Sofia Lennon whose Young Sheldon impersonation was a hit!

Ms. Shields is extremely proud of her extraordinary creative improvisers and writers as well as the technical crew of the evening: production manager Chloe Jessen, student lighting, and sound technicians, Madison Chambers and Jade Ortega and Mr. DePierro and Ms. Cabrera video team, under the guidance of our Union Stage Technicians Mo Wade and Gennaro Ilaria, and technical director Jeremy Falzone.

Thank you to all performers and crew for such a fun performance!

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