High Tech High School Students Send Strong Message in New Video Project: Wearing a Mask Saves Lives

SECAUCUS, N.J. -- Students at High Tech High School, with help from their English Instructor Robert Dillion, created a catchy and informative video to help spread awareness about how each of us can do our own part to stop the spread of COVID-19. As part of an assignment in Dillon’s European Literature and Rock and Roll as Literature classes, students learned about public relations and were tasked with writing a slogan to encourage individuals to wear a mask.

“Every year I start my classes with discussions of how their summer was and if anything interesting happened to help break the ice,” said Instructor Robert Dillon. “This year, of course, was the issue of coronavirus and one major complaint from students was that some people were not wearing a mask, thus extending distance learning. After group discussions, we decided to put together a video to demonstrate the importance of wearing a mask to stop the spread of the virus so students can enjoy a traditional high school experience.”

A total of 67 students are featured in the 2:28 video. The campaigns students created include: “This is not a (mask)querade party, keep your mask on. People’s lives depend on it,” “Wearing is Caring,” “Cover Your Face to Save the Human Race,” “It’s a Simple Task to Wear a Mask,” and “Spread Awareness Not the Virus.” The video can be viewed online here.

“Students, faculty and staff at the Hudson County Schools of Technology have gone above and beyond to achieve success during distance and hybrid learning,” said Superintendent Amy Lin-Rodriguez. “The video put together by Mr. Dillon and our juniors at High Tech High School is a testament of how our district has remained committed to our mission of providing students with diverse learning opportunities despite these challenging times.”

The students who participated in the project are: Agnes Guevara, Alessandra Blount, Alexa Malagon, Amanda Tennaro, Andrea Guzman, Andrew Mercado, Annette Goyburu, Ariana Osorio, Bharti Khubchandani, Briana Villafuerte, Briella Santin, Camila Suarez, Charlize Fernandez, Charlotte Leitner, Chinomnso Emenonye, Daisy Marin, Emily Guevara, Gerson Diaz, Gia Tarquini, Haby Diane, Hager Khalifa, Isabela Vargas, Isaree Kumtrakool, Jackson Barere, Jaheem Ellison, Jianna Mendez, Joaquim Pereira, Juan Perez, Julia Caley, Kaitlyn Joynt, Karen Iskander, Kayla Coons, Kayla Williams, Khyah Craig, Lorey Cutkelvin, Mariam Saad, Matthew Bartoszek, Melissa Motta Lopez, Melissa Saenz, Mila-Angelique Chapin, Mireya Landaverde, Misha Godha, Molly O'Callaghan, Momar N'Diaye, Ndella Sall, Ndeye-Khady Ndiaye, Nicole Mendez, Nyrohah Alvarenga, Priscila Silva, Raghd Elzar, Rene Hernandez, Ruth Regan, Samantha Mestre, Sarah Jaafar, Sean Dong, Sofia Idrissi, Sophia Barere, Taina Dale, Taina Soto, Zachary Miller, AndreSebastian Garrovillas, Carlos Ascensao, Carlos Davies, Kendry Hilario, Nicolle Vilca, Radha Rench, and Sierra Jenkins.

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