High Tech High School Holds 2015 Science Fair

(North Bergen—June 9, 2015) The High Tech High School Science Department held its annual Science Fair, in which students presented their projects to judges and received grades, announced Dr. Joseph Giammarella, Director of High Tech High School.
A diverse contingent of students and judges contributed to an enthusiastic and constructive environment that showcased compelling and very informative research papers and thirty-seven posters from eighty-one freshmen and sophomores.  Judges delved into the details on display in the posters and listened attentively to students’ presentations.  The projects ranged from “Dissolving Kidney Stones”’ to “Computer Programming as an Efficient Diagnostic Tool of Cardiac Problems.”  Each project made a contribution to the unified efforts of improving the world and the people in it.  Judges provided students with suggestions to further build upon their projects and improve their experiments.
“It was a great learning experience for students and teachers alike,” notes Dr. Nina Lavlinskaia, Science Department Liaison at High Tech High School and Biophysics and Biochemistry scholar.  “Anyone who wished to take a look around was welcome to do so.”
Special appreciation goes to the following professionals: Ms. Wang, member of the Advisory Committee, who listened and judged students’ presentations; Iryna Zhuk, who mentored a few students’ projects and judged other students’ research papers; and Sergei Shatalov, another member of the Advisory Committee, who reviewed and judged papers, too.  

Teachers who mentored students, helped them to write applications for the YSAP grants, and supervised their work during the year include Dr. Arun Srivastava, Dr. Nina Lavlinskaia, Tatyana Zhukova, and Dr. Dmitri Lavlinski.  Science teachers who judged projects and provided helpful comments include Dr. Lavlinski, Dr. David Cincotta, Ms. Zhukova, Shelly Witham, Stephanie Camp, and Samantha Eulo.  Teachers from other departments also took interest in the event and stepped in to judge oral presentation skills, including Dr. Laje Gashi, Tatiana Sierra, Deborah Arters, Alba Simon, Al Diaz, and Joan Marie Bellotti.

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