High Tech AP Biology Students Visit Rockefeller University

(New York, NY—February 7, 2017) AP Biology students under the supervision of Dr. Nina Lavlinskaia and Dr. Arun Srivastava visited Rockefeller University, one of the leading research institutions on biomedical sciences, whereby, with the assistance of laboratory guides, these students explored equipment and techniques that modern laboratories employ, announced Dr. Joseph Giammarella, Principal of High Tech.
While at Rockefeller University, the AP Biology students gained a grasp of PCR, a polymerase chain reaction, capable of creating millions of copies of DNA in a few hours.  These students also discussed DNA safety with the lab guides, what our DNA reveals about us, too, as well as the ethical issues surrounding DNA for a variety of purposes, such as criminal investigations, cloning, and data storage.
The AP Biology students worked in groups to isolate their own DNA from cheek cells, which they placed in vials inserted into a centrifuge, an integral machine that separates DNA from other cell contents.  Using micropipettes to insert the DNA materials, they placed their vials in a PCR machine to replicate their DNA.  Lastly, the students put their DNA into a Gel Electrophoresis apparatus, another specialized machine that separates and compares fragments of DNA via length.  
After completion of lab work and scrubbing the laboratory clean, AP Biology students enjoyed lunch and discussed biomedical professions and careers.  These students even played games geared for the biomedical field.  Overall, the trip provided an enriching experience for the students, teachers, and lab workers involved.

The Hudson County Schools of Technology Foundation sponsored the trip to Rockefeller University.

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