First Annual 2024 Chess Rapid Competition

HCST First Annual Rapid Chess Competition

On January 30, 2024, High Tech High School and County Prep High School continued their long-lasting rivalry with the first annual 2024 Chess Rapid Competition. Organized by chess presidents Derek Hsu from High Tech and Mateo Acosta from County Prep, this competition was long-awaited by both teams. Members from each high school’s chess team went head to head in rounds of one-versus-one matches. Winners scored one point for their school, and the school with the highest score at the end would win the competition. Over the course of the two-hour event, the competition quickly grew more and more intense as each school exchanged victories. Whenever one school took the lead, the other quickly caught up. Even after all the matches were played, the score was even, leaving the decision of the winner up to a tiebreaker match. In the heated final battle with team versus team, County Prep ultimately won, taking home the trophy. Hopefully, the next competition in 2025 will bring even more excitement and enthusiasm to the game of chess.

Derek HSU
President of the HTHS Chess Club.

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