Explore Student Council Elections 2023

Explore Middle School’s annual Student Council Elections were held on October 31st with guest speakers Zachary Yabut and Yasira Pineda, County Prep High School Seniors. The elections were led and prepared by Supervisor and Science teacher, Ms. Lauren Norcia, and advisors Ms. Mary Norcia, Ms. Bermas, and Ms. Cirillo.

For the election process, students had the opportunity to nominate themselves or another classmate from their grade level for class representative. To qualify as a candidate for class representative, each student had to receive a minimum of five nominations. Students also nominated an 8th-grade student for Vice President and President of the Student Council.

  • 6th grade Class Representative candidates included Muhammad Abdullah, BeauCopeland, Carolina De Diego, and Polina Sobolev.
  • 7th-grade class representative candidates included Zoe Cameron, Hazel Rivera, and Leilani Velez.
  • 8th-grade class representative candidates included Antoine Huet, Rohan Grover, and Marley Amy.
  • Vice Presidential candidates included Daniel Corbisiero and Kennhi Nguyen.
  • Presidential candidates included Nia Jackson, Nicolas Nogueras, and Desmond Tripp

Each candidate campaigned for their position and prepared a speech that was delivered on election day. The candidates for class representative presented their speeches to their corresponding grades. The entire student body was invited to the gymnasium to hear the speeches of the candidates for Vice President and President.

Prior to the Vice Presidential and Presidential student speeches, CPHS seniors, Zachary Yabut and Yasira Pineda addressed the student body. Yabut and Pineda imparted insights from their extensive leadership experience and provided valuable guidance for those assuming leadership roles. They encouraged the students to proactively effect change by supporting a candidate committed to effecting positive transformation within Explore Middle School.

Immediately following the assembly, students returned to advisory where they voted for class representatives, vice president, and president. Students returned to the gym for a Halloween Costume Contest, followed by the announcement of the winners.

  • 6th-grade representatives: Beau Copeland, Carolina De Diego, and Polina Sobolev
  •  7th-grade representatives: Zoe Cameron, Hazel Rivera, and Leilani Velez
  • 8th-grade representatives: Marley Amy, Rohan Grover, and Antoine Huet

Kennhi Nguyen was voted Student Body Vice President. Commenting on her win, Kennhi shared,

“I am grateful for everyone who helped me. I am excited to start working on new projects and turn my ideas into reality. Go Wolfpack!”

Desmond Tripp was elected Student Body President. Desmond said,

“I am happy I won and thankful for everyone who voted for me. I am excited to work with the new Student Council team and looking forward to this leadership role.”

Principal Krone shared,

“Having a student council at Explore Middle School is integral to our philosophy on student-centered learning. We rely on our elected student council officials to represent all students and propose initiatives to ensure that Explore continues to be a safe and inclusive environment where students can thrive academically, socially and emotionally.”

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