Explore 2000 Middle Schools Revs Up for STEM Race Car Competition (Jersey City, NJ)

Campers of Explore 2000 just completed their first week of Summer STEM Race Car Challenge.  Girls and boys throughout Hudson County, from various schools within our community have been actively engaged in forming teams, designing logos, creating air-propelled puff mobiles, testing cars, trial races and practicing their driving and technical skills with the race cars. “I am having a lot of fun!” exclaimed Kai of Jersey City, 6th grade.

Everyone enjoyed their week and only had positive things to say about their experience, students, teachers and observers. “The first day of the camp was challenging, but then I got used to helping my team. Now it’s really fun! I like to take the lead in racing the car because that is a strong ability of mine,” explained Jonas of Jersey City, 5th grade.

The culminating activity was a race competition among the campers. The winning team proved steadfast through the races.  Bringing in 1st Place was Team Electrix: all from Jersey City - Henry, 5th grader,  incoming 6th grade student, Daniela and 8th grade student, Patrick.  

Teamwork Results in Victory with Principal A. Lin-Rodriquez and Consultants from STEM Education, LLC.

“It was an exciting race and we are proud of all of the participants who showed creativity, perseverance, teamwork and good sportsmanship,” stated Ms. Rapaport, STEM Camp Facilitator.
We also had some special student guests who came to support the race from The A. Harry Moore School. The race was even announced by their very own Charity.  Camper Kevin, 8th grader of West New York added, “I have met amazing people and it was always fun to have a one-on-one race against them.”
“I think I definitely improved on my racing skills. I believe I will keep my strategy the same as before, slow and easy, since it worked for me before; I think that if I keep using that technique, I’ll get better,” shared Zaynab of Jersey City, 7th grade student.
Thanks to the professional development provided by STEM Education LLC and the support of the HCST Foundation, our first STEM Camp has been a strong success for these campers! While the activities were exciting and hands-on, it was almost impossible to detect the hidden Science and Math lessons. Who knew there was so much to be learned from racing remote controlled cars????

We plan to continue these winning activities during our final week with an Ultimate Race Car Competition to be held on Friday, July 29th.

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