County Prep Theatre Arts Performs Georges Feydeau’s Paradise Hotel

In just its seventh year, County Prep Theatre Arts class has brought a new performance opportunity to County Prep students, who are learning both performance and rehearsal practices, and are encountering first hand all of the aspects of professional theatre. The show was designed by our professional lighting designer, Mr. Lance Michel, and was directed by Mrs. Raluca Shields.

Paradise Hotel, written by one of the greatest French playwrights, Georges Feydeau, translated by Nicholas Rudall, was presented by special arrangement with Samuel French. This hilarious farce was written in 1894, and first performed that year at the Théâtre des Nouveautés, Paris . The author's works have been seen as a precursor to surrealistic comedy; some elements of this genre are present in this play. Much of the humor is derived from classic comedy of mistaken identities, and the complications that arise from this.  

In this comedy, almost every character has something they are not being honest about. Most of the characters follow the strict rules of society on the outside, but are secretly willing to push them aside and make them fit their own interests. Thus, the play, which at first sight is only a light-hearted comedy, can be interpreted to say that the people we perceive as nice may not actually be what they make themselves out to be. On a yet deeper level, the story is about manipulating a not-so-friendly reality of one’s own desires, and ultimately learning from the mistakes that ensue.

The cast included Seniors Sirena Morales, Ivory Love Torres, Faith Riscoe, Brianna Bush, Bertha Solis, Shana-Mae Gonzalez, Habiba Atta, Robert Del Campo, Juniors Tyla Gibson, Giovanni Garcia, Aury Acosta, Janell Garcia, Dynajah Smith and Yvelisse Vargas, Sophomores Arbaz Khan, Ivellisses Segovia, Ariel Rivera, Alyssa Anglade, Kaine Malachi, and Freshmen Jaden Misaro, Ethan Barragan, Reanna Cruz and Fred Veloz. Our crew included lighting technician, Eianna Martinez, sound technician Sheily Matteos, and Backstage technician James Ayers.

The audience thoroughly enjoyed our performance, rolled in their seats with laughter, said it was “the funniest show they’ve ever seen”, “by far their favorite show here at County Prep”. Parents particularly loved the ghost scene and the shenanigans that took place in the Paradise hotel.
Ms. Shields is very proud of all of the cast and crew whose work has developed through our rendition of this classic play.

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