County Prep Theatre Arts performs García Lorca’s Bodas de Sangre

In just its sixth year, County Prep Theatre Arts class has brought a new performance opportunity to County Prep students, who are learning both performance and rehearsal practices, and are encountering first hand all of the aspects of professional theatre. The show was designed by our professional lighting designer, Mr. Lance Michel, and was directed by Mrs. Raluca Shields.
            Bodas de Sangre is written by one of the greatest Spanish poets and playwrights, Federico García Lorca, who was well known for his leftist politics and religious iconoclasm, and who since his assassination in 1936 has become a symbol of the crimes of the Spanish Civil War.
            This very poetic play, written by one of the finest poets and playwrights of the Spanish language, is filled with metaphors, symbolism, passion and music. Central to the lorquian style is the theme of “el duende”, the bad fate that is waiting around the corner. Therefore the theme of “foreshadowing” was very much present in the play. The question is why did the characters succumb to their fate, what was their tragic fault? By not following their heart, by allowing the rules of society lead their life, the two lovers disturbed their very intricate interwoven destinies. This, in and of itself is tragic, because society then did not allow for them to have a future together. Other themes in the play were the devastation created by guns and knives, and the fragility of human life, as well as the theme of the horse as the man’s unleashed passion.
            The cast included Seniors Kyle Velazquez, Matthew Riccardi, Julio Velazquez, Terrell Wehner, Katherine Castro, Solimar Colombani, and Gabby Bacani, Juniors Sirena Morales, Ivory Love Torres, Faith Riscoe, Brianna Bush, Bertha Solis, Shana-Mae Gonzalez, Habiba Atta, Robert Del Campo, Sophomores Tyla Gibson, Janell Garcia, Dynajah Smith and Yvelisse Varga and Freshmen Kayla Velazquez, Jennine Sarker and Kim Caputo. Our crew included stage manager, lighting technician, and choreographer Senior Delana Ramos, sound technician Senior Cindy Ramos, fight choreographer Senior Matthew Riccardi, Make-up Designer Senior Karissa Cruz, and Stage Hands Freshmen Kaine Malachi and Rajiv Rampaul. 
            This production was well loved by the audience. Several of our parents said “it was my favorite play!” Some found it touching, some found it exciting, some complimented the “real acting” and the professionalism of the entire production. Some left the theatre singing along to “Despierte la novia!”, or “La Tarara”, some of the songs featured in the play.
            Ms. Shields is very proud of all of the cast and crew whose work has developed through our rendition of this classic play. 
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