County Prep High School’s Middle Eastern Cultural Club Holds Luncheon

The Middle Eastern Cultural Club of County Prep High School hosted its end-of-the-year luncheon at Shalimar BBQ Restaurant to enhance students’ awareness of the diverse ethnic wonders of the world’s population, announced Ms. Barbara Mendolla, Principal of County Prep High School.  
The Middle Eastern Cultural Club promotes the significance of all cultures across the globe.  Employing music, food, and other social interactions within a diverse ethnic membership, the Middle Eastern Cultural Club provides a pleasant and welcoming environment for students to enjoy the beauty of the diverse population in County Prep.
Participants represented multiple ethnicities, including Arabs, Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Spaniards, and Americans,” that this field trip a most memorable event.

“Students from a variety of different ethnic backgrounds made this a fabulous event,” declares Dr. Syed Abbasi., moderator of the Middle Eastern Cultural Club of County Prep.  “This luncheon allowed students to explore and enjoy the richness of diverse cultures and educate them on the necessity of welcoming and appreciating peoples from all lands.”




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