County Prep High School Performing Arts Winter Showcase 2021

On Tuesday, December 21st, the County Prep High School Performing Arts Department presented its annual Winter Showcase. The showcase, a long-standing tradition in the high school, allows students to demonstrate their studies in the Dance, Music, and Theater Arts programs. Since last year our Winter Show was virtual, students were enthusiastic to get back on stage and impress the audience with two daytime live performances.  Students were involved in every aspect of the production, from setting up the theater, to technical backstage work, to production.

Dance Director Ms.Warfel Sandler organized and directed the sold-out event, with students clamoring for the last few tickets. The dance program presented 5 works for the show, and the dancers were eager to be back performing in person.  County Prep’s Dance Company performed a new original work created in collaboration with student teacher Kayla Alvarez. The sophomore, junior, and senior classes each choreographed and performed works that highlighted their physical growth and emotional expression. Guest Artist Jonathan “Shwing” Pena choreographed a lively hip-hop routine for 23 dancers of all grade levels, which was an audience favorite. The pieces showcased will become part of the annual dance concert in May.

The Music Department kicked off the showcase with an original blues song, “Life’s Requiem”, written and performed by students in Mr. Matthews’ elective music class. The energizing opener was followed by another original song. “Home”, a folk song written by Junior Music & Audio Technology major, Emily Roda, was performed with guitar and voice alongside Kelly Chan. Towards the end of the show, the focus shifted from up-and-coming original songs to an unforgettable classic. In its debut performance, the County Prep High School Choir Club heralded the season with its a cappella performance of the holiday staple, “Carol of the Bells”. The 23-piece ensemble is directed by Ms. Wachulec. The Department looks forward to presenting more original songs, band performances, and choir pieces in our upcoming shows in February and in April.

The Theatre Arts students performed two songs from our school musical Heathers, the High School Edition: Freeze your Brain, with Seniors Mathew Segovia (Featured) and Emely Rivera, and Big Fun, with the whole company, which also includes Seniors Tatyana Serrato, Khira Fried, Jaden Misaro, Kassandra Esparra and Yasmine Rodriguez, Juniors Cinthia Perez, Greta Bumas, Destiny Figuereo, Sophomores Abigail Burch, Leamarie Flores, Shelma Lopez, Eileen Berger (Featured), and Olivia Marum, and Freshmen Andrew Morgado (Featured), Farida Wahby, Jillian Vega, Madison Hinds, Isabella Conde, Elanie Benitez and Melanie Feliz. Heathers, the High School Edition will perform on January 27 and 28 at County Prep. The Junior and Senior Theatre Arts class also created and performed the skit Trendz and Cutz, a hilarious skit about the competition between a barbershop and a hair salon. The cast included Seniors Jaden Misaro, Mathew Segovia, Fred Veloz, Emely Rivera, Tatyana Serrato, Reanna Cruz, Khira Fried, Ethan Barragan, Brandon Nocelotl, and Michelle Oshiro, and Juniors Alexandria Nunez, Sinae Brooks, and Greta Bumas.

The showcase was also the first opportunity for new theater technician interns Phoenix Campbell, Chase McBride, Meher Iqbar, and Abbey Cruz, to run sound, lights and backstage management. The Performing Arts faculty extends its congratulations to all the performers and production managers involved. Here’s to a successful 2022 performance season!

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