County Prep High School Building Engineer Leads Clean-Up of Nearby Property

During the month of October 2017, a major restoration of the Conrail railroad property next to the new wing at County Prep was completed. Mr. Nick Fargo, business administrator, had suggested cleaning up the site for security reasons. Anthony D’Alessandro, building engineer of County Prep High school, was the driving force behind the clean-up. The railroad property under the trestle was in dire need of an overhaul for the safety of County Prep students and staff. The property spans from Montgomery Street to Bright Street adjacent to the new wing. After decades of accumulated railroad debris littering the entire area, the clean-up was nothing short of a culture change. A new 10 foot fence will separate the school property from the railroad trestle. Also, new trees and grass will be planted to further beautify the area. This project will ensure the safety of our school.

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