County Prep Dance Featured on Educational Website

The County Prep dance classes were visited by Kris Van Nest of This Learning, who spent the day finding out more about the students and values of the school and this program. The resulting video is currently being featured on their website.

This Learning is an online resource that highlights exceptional educational opportunities. Founder Kris Van Nest is on a mission to find what works to create inspired learning, and to share that with other parents, families, and educators. "Learning is as much of a basic human need as food, clothing, and shelter. It’s just as relevant to our survival, and just as exciting and pervasive. We also believe it’s our life’s greatest adventure. Together, we can bring a sense of fun and excitement to learning, to do for learning what the Food Network has done for cuisine and what HGTV has done for shelter – create dedicated television to promote learning as exciting, accessible, practical and fun."
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