Theatre Tech Summer Programs

Theatre Tech Summer Programs Prepare Students for Careers

This summer the Theatre Tech Department was hard at work finding new ways to create opportunities for our students to find positions working as stage technicians in the field, including establishing a partnership with the IATSE Local 59, with whom we have created a two part internship program.

Through this program, students will train with union personnel on the stages at High Tech High School to learn the essential skills necessary to work on any stage. Upon completion of the in-school training, students will be given the opportunity to work alongside professionals on productions all around New Jersey.

Teaming up with our Video, Broadcasting, and Performing Arts Departments, we will document these training sessions, as well as behind the scenes footage from all of the performances that our students take part in. This will culminate in a video production that will display for everyone the amount of time and dedication that goes into a show, from the standpoint of the crew tasked with making the technical portions of the show run smoothly.

This production will be a one of a kind, behind the curtain documentary; filmed, narrated by, and starring High Tech High School students.

STEAM Camp at Explore Middle School

STEAM Camp at Explore Middle School

This summer Explore Middle school incoming and current students participated in a STEAM Summer Innovation Camp, led by STEAM/Arts Partners in Education along with our Explore Staff. During the Camp, the students participated in STEAM community activity project-based lessons using the Engineering Design Process (EDP), Rocket Launch Pad project-based lessons that include math & science,... Continue reading

Summer Fun Fit

Summer Fun Fit Teaches Students To Build Healthy Habits

This summer’s Fun Fit Program, led by Adam Fitzgibbons, FunFit Lead Coordinator & HTHS Physical Education Instructor, had the largest student enrollment to date! Students from every school in the district participated, learning about the importance of discipline and accountability, as well as how to create healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle. They also had... Continue reading

Student Support & Mental Health Summer and Upcoming Programs

Student Support & Mental Health Summer and Upcoming Programs

The summer enrichment program continues to be a success because of the support from all Child Study Team members, County Prep Guidance Counselors and teaching staff. The Summer Enrichment Camp afforded students the opportunity to further develop their academic and social emotional skills. The upcoming 12th graders participated in the SAT Prep Program that enhanced... Continue reading

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