The High Tech Film Department Announces Nominees for First Annual HCST Film Festival

BEST COMMERCIAL: “Snickers” by Siarah Saavedra, “Cosmetics” by Alexandra Beliakova, “Hoodies by Paul” by Apostolos Bourinaris; BEST FILM BY AN UNDERCLASSMAN: “Unique Project” by Melody McLain, “Ingrish” by Chyeka Conner, “Cowboy Shots” by Holden McKlietz; BEST SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS FILM: “Sorry” by Patrick Asturias, “Unique Project” by Melody McLain, “What Goes Through Our Minds” by Kendry Hilario and Dominique Salazar; BEST PODCAST: “Spilling the Tea with Vincent Nardiello,” “Getting Personal with Mike Ra,” “Inside Sports,” “Snatched,” “I’m Surrounded by Idiots,” “Social Cues,” “Breaking News: Notre Dame Cathedral Fire”; BEST TALK SHOW: “Battle of the Boulevard” by Izabella Morejon and Jessica Jover, “Face to Face” by Noelle White, “Intramurals with Fitz” by David Mansour; BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: “How to Breakfast” by Essence Brevard, “No Signal” by Noelle White and Katerina Vail, “American Facade” by David Mansour; BEST INSTRUCTIONAL: “How to Calligraphy” by Carissa Wu, “Chocolate Covered Strawberries” by Mia Stalkneck, “Chocolate Oreos” by Natalia Geron; BEST PSA: “10db” by Shaun Crafton and Can Sark, “Colorful Lights” by Deeanie Rodriguez; “Very Bad Day” by Qu’Raun Scott-McKoy, “Fresh Air” by Xlissa Fuentes and Bryan Casana; BEST DOCUMENTARY: “Security” by Julianna Muniz, Rhada Rench, Carlos Davies, and Kyara Syed; RISING STAR: “Unique Project” by Samiksha Thakur, “Unique Project” by Victoria Amato, “Unique Project” by Mya Lopez; BEST ACTRESS: Rachel Virga “A Merry Little Christmas,” Asia Guzman “Talk to Me,” Katerina Vail “Tongue Tied,” Emily Van Horn “Talk to Me”; BEST ACTOR: Garreth Savinovich “Tongue Tied,” Daniel Acosta “Unique Project,” James Williams “No Signal” BEST SCORE: “Tongue Tied” Granton Ave, “Talk to Me” Andrew Wholf, “Unique Project” Leigh Isaac; BEST SCREENPLAY: “Tongue Tied” by Noelle White, “Moment from 2018” by Bailey Davin, “Talk to Me” by Rea Silver-Chisholm  Charlotte Hysen; BEST EDITING: “Travel” by Tiffany Sun, “Unique Project” by Jonathan Ortega, “Childhood/Adulthood” by Alexandria Campbell, “A Day at School” by Mistral Pascual, “Unique Project” Izabella Morejon; BEST CONCEPT IN A SHORT FILM: “Unique Project” by Grace Demopoulos, “How to Calligraphy” by Carissa Wu, “Rest Stop” by Joselyn Bravo and Camila Garcia, “How to Tune a Drum” by Tobias Harrison; BEST PROMOTIONAL VIDEO: “St. Peter’s Swim Team” by Natalie Wondolowski, “AV Promo” by Deeanie Rodriguez and Astrid Barrgan; BEST OF THE FEST: “Talk to Me” by Rea Silver-Chisholm and Charlotte Hysen, “Tongue Tied” by David Mansour and Noelle White, “Rest Stop” by Camila Garcia and Joselyn Bravo.

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