Tech Club at HTHS Brings Back Alumni to Grow Interest

(Secaucus, NJ--December 10, 2019) With the help of two former students, High Tech High School’s Tech Club hosted a successful information session on STEM fields and the college application process in late November, announced Dr. Joseph Giammarella, Principal at High Tech High School.

Two former students, Rebecca Rosas (HTHS ‘18) who currently attends Carnegie Mellon University as a mechanical engineering major, and Zain Mughal (HTHS ‘18), a student of biophysics and computer science at Rutgers University, were invited to speak on their experiences as students in STEM fields. Led by Tech Club co-presidents, Leslie Moreno and Wilson Wong––who are both residents of North Bergen and juniors at HTHS––the event provided attendees with practical knowledge of the fields of engineering, computer science, and physics. The alumni also spoke about the college experience in general.

When asked about their inspiration for leading the event, Leslie Moreno commented: “Tech Club is dedicated to creating a space where people can explore their love for tech. With this info session, we were able to bring real experiences of people studying STEM majors to anyone who wanted to learn more about them.”

Wilson Wong added, "I hope those who attended obtained an amazing overview of how the tech field is developing. I want to thank the speakers and staff for making this event possible. We have many things planned to help students prepare for the future.”

Tech Club has made a comeback recently after a brief disappearance in 2018, due to the graduation of its former officers. When students at High Tech felt the club was an important part of the school experience and vouched for its return, the mantel was taken up Moreno and Wong, as well as vice-president Devin Buergermeister and treasurer Ximena Varon, who helped found the new iteration of Tech Club, with Mr. Jared Krinsky as club administrator. 

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