High Tech’s Makayla Blount Volunteers at New Way of Life Day Camp

(Jersey City—November 4, 2016) Makayla Blount, a High Tech Audio/Visual Production major and resident of Jersey City, spent her summer as a volunteer at New Way of Life Day Camp, a supervised children’s program, announced Dr. Joseph Giammarella, Principal of High Tech High School. 
Through generous donations from supporters, New Way of Life Day Camp encourages youngsters aged three to ten to set higher goals for their education, improve their self-confidence, and help them shape relationships with their families and communities.  New Way of Life Day Camp provides a productive environment to stimulate these youngsters.
While at the camp, Blount spent a full day, five days a week, helping children learn the alphabet and enrich their social skills in public environments.  She and fellow volunteersimpacted children and attempted to put them on the right path through activities like daily trips to their local parks and libraries.  On these trips, children interacted positively within their community.
“I enjoy being a part of an organization that positively influences those who will one day mend the future,” says Blount.  “I hope they’ll grow up to give back to the community and offer others the same opportunities that they were given.”
For more information on New Way of Life Day Camp’s charitable work and operation, please call (201) 433-5432.

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