High Tech’s Jeremy Lewan Meets Fox 5 News Meteorologist Mike Woods at HCST Gala

(Jersey City, NJ—November 4, 2016) Bayonne resident Jeremy Lewan, a budding meteorological student and guest speaker at this years’ Hudson County Schools of Technology (HCST) Foundation Gala, received the thrill of a lifetime by meeting his professional role model, Mike Woods of Fox 5 News in New York City, announced Dr. Joseph Giammarella, Principal of High Tech High School.
At the HCST Foundation Gala, held at the lavish Martime Parc, Lewan met his role model after Mike Woods listened to Lewan’s speech (https://youtu.be/mK034YPJCA0) about his passion for forecasting weather.  On behalf of the HCST Foundation, Lewan even presented Woods with an HCST umbrella as a token of appreciation from one meteorologist to another.
The following Monday after the gala, Woods surprised Lewan and the entire HCST community by featuring Lewan and the HCST Gala during his morning forecast (https://youtu.be/Lkffdyw9-Zk) on Good Day New York on Fox 5 News, and Woods also featured Lewan’s Weather Camp video on his Twitter Page!
“Becoming a meteorologist has been my dream since I was five years old,” says Lewan, a junior at High Tech High School.  “Teachers in [High Tech’s] Environmental Science Academy have always encouraged me to pursue my passion, especially, [Shelly] Witham, my Environmental Science instructor.”
This past summer, spearheaded by Witham, the HCST Foundation provided Lewan with a generous grant, providing him the opportunity to attend Penn State University's prestigious Advanced Weather Camp. 
“With the inception of our Environmental Science Academy, the science department strongly recommends that our students participate in field experiences to enhance their learning,” notes Witham.
Lewan has created a video diary of his Weather Camp experience (https://youtu.be/r7Wlm96sKEE), which has been featured on PBS Pennsylvania News.
“At Weather Camp, I was able to enjoy a variety of experiences having to do with professional weather forecasting and receive a realistic appreciation of the work that meteorologists do,” Lewan adds.  “Among other things, I listened to fascinating lectures by expert professors, practiced my forecasting abilities in front of a green screen, and toured the National Weather Service and AccuWeather Studios.”

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