High Tech’s French Honor Society and French Club Hold Annual Goodbye Celebration

by Sarah Bacha, Vice-president of FHS

(June 18 2018--North Bergen, NJ) The French Honor Society (FHS) and French Club of High Tech, mentored by Dr. Laje Gashi, held its annual goodbye celebration, announced Dr. Joseph Giammarella, Principal of High Tech High School.

The celebration commemorated events and achievements of French Club and the FHS throughout the year, such as the successful crepe sales, the exciting field trip to Phantom of the Opera, and the visit to Grounds for Sculpture. Medal winners of the National French Exam Competition Le Grand Concours also received their awards.

Diana Concepcion of North Bergen earned Médaille d’or (Gold Medal). Mously Lo of Jersey City and North Bergen resident Erica De Lacerda earned Médaille d’argent (Silver Medal), and Laiba Khan of Jersey City and Kearny resident Andrew Tran earned Médaille de bronze (Bronze Medal).

Also, the goodbye celebration served as an induction for new FHS members and a farewell to High Tech seniors who received their French Honor Society Chords. The graduating seniors included French Honor Society president Bar Yifrahk, French
Club President Mously Lo, French Club Vice President Erica DeLacerda, Isha Mahat, Ivanna Guerrero, Karen Guaman, and Laiba Khan.

Félicitations to the newest members and Bonne Chance to the graduating French Honor Society members.

(from left to right: Andrew Tran, Dr. Laje Gashi, Mously Lo, Erica De Lacerda, Laiba Khan, and James Espinosa)
(from left to right: Laiba Khan, Mously Lo, Erica De Lacerda,  Dr. Laje Gashi, Andrew Tran, Bar Yifrahk, Karen Guaman, and Ivanna Guerrero)
(from left to right: Dr. Laje Gashi and newest members Jessica Gonzalez, Julissa
Laignelet, and James Espinosa)
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