High Tech’s David Mansour Wins Awards at the AT&T Film Awards

(January 10. 2018---Hollywood, California) High Tech High School’s David Mansour, a Bayonne resident and junior in the school’s Audio/Visual Production Department, has received the award for Best Youth Filmmaker of America and First Place in the Youth Category at the AT&T Film Awards, announced Dr. Joseph Giammarella, Principal of High Tech.  
Mansour’s Leave a Message shows a teen’s perspective on cyberbullying.   The film demonstrates that one phrase, one text, or one call can literally make the most significant impact in a person’s life.
“David has taken an assignment and pushed the limits of his craft,” says Gregg Ascolese, Mansour’s Audio/Visual Production instructor at High Tech.  “He continues to improve every day he walks into the studio.  He is a true catalyst.”

On top of taking home the AT&T Film Awards trophy for Best Youth Filmmaker, Mansour will take part in a week-long academy and receive a package of camera equipment valued at $2,000.

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