High Tech’s Daniel Motta Accepted to Stanford University’s Pre-Collegiate Summer Institute

(Stanford, CA—June 8, 2016) Daniel Motta of Harrison, a High Tech sophomore, has recently received a letter proclaiming his acceptance into Stanford University’s Pre-Collegiate Summer Institute, announced Dr. Joseph Giammarella, Principal of High Tech High School.
This coming July, Motta, a computer programming aficionado, will attend the course on artificial Intelligence.  
A goal of computer scientists since the dawn of computing, artificial intelligence explores the modern computational techniques used to engineer machines involved in rational decision making, perception, and, of course, learning.  Related A.I. topics include such areas as knowledge representation, logic, search algorithms, constraint-satisfaction problems, and machine learning. Students in this course will engage in hands-on programming assignments to implement many of the algorithms introduced in the course

Formerly known as the EPGY Summer Institutes, Stanford’s Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes offer high school students a unique residential academic experience where talented students live and learn on campus.  The Summer Institutes invite students from across the globe to study with expert instructors passionate about teaching in their fields. The program emphasizes building skills, along with acquiring knowledge, designed to forge environments that foster creativity and collaboration in students.

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