High Tech’s Alana Aninipot Receives Nomination from Ridgewood Guild Film Festival for Her Documentary

(Ridgewood, NJ—April 6, 2017) The prominent Ridgewood Guild International Film Festival has nominated Alana Aninipot, a junior TV Production major at High Tech High School, in the documentary category for her insightful and revolutionary film, Thinking Body Positive, announced Dr. Joseph Giammarella, Principal of High Tech.
Aninipot, a resident of Secaucus, created a four-minute social commentary on perceived norms of the human body with Thinking Body Positive, which restructures the idea of self-appreciation and objects to the way in which people scrutiny looks.
“I really wanted to exaggerate the idea of loving yourself, which can be a tough topic to grasp,” says Aninipot about her inspiration for Thinking Body Positive.  “The documentary presents three girls learning to do just that.”
Aninipot and her friends got involved in the project after some people told her to give advice to others who felt insecure about themselves.
“My best advice to anyone who watched my documentary would be to take your time learning to love yourself,” Aninipot advises.  “It’s a time-consuming thing to find the parts that are difficult to love, then learning to love them, regardless.  Everyone learns at a different pace and in different ways.”

The Ridgewood Guild International Film Festival will be held April 24th-26th. Aninipot enters this festival straight from her win in the Ramapo College Film Festival for Best Public Service Announcement/Documentary.

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