High Tech Ranks Second among Hudson County Public High Schools in SAT Scores for 2016-2017

(April 11, 2018—Trenton, NJ) In Hudson County, a total of four public high schools surpassed the New Jersey average for the SATs, the standardized test considered a significant factor in college admissions, and High Tech ranked second among the four, announced Dr. Joseph Giammarella, Principal of High Tech High School.

High Tech scored, on average, 597 on the SAT’s reading and writing assessment, while its students scored 595 on the math assessment, for a mean score of 1,192.
The New Jersey Department of Education recently released its School Performance Report for 2016-2017. The state average SAT score for the reading and writing assessment, 551, and 552 for the math assessment add up to a mean score of 1,103.  Seventeen public high schools in the county didn't reach that total, though two came close.
The average Hudson County combined score for the math and the reading/writing assessments came to 1,014, with SAT scores ranging from a low of 859 to a high of 1,308.  Hudson's average for math came to 509, and for reading/writing, 504.

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