High Tech Language Department Hosts Valentine’s Day Celebration

(North Bergen, NJ—February 14, 2017) Students from the French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, and German language classes at High Tech collaborated to decorate the resource center for Valentine's Day festivities, announced Dr. Joseph Giammarella, Principal of High Tech High School.
Each language class chose a specific area to set up activities, exhibits, and food stands. Between the empanadas in the Spanish Club corner to the sweet edibles at the Japanese Club's table, a variety of ethical specialties proved plentiful. 
“Everyone enjoyed the charming Valentine’s cards written by Italian students,” says Dr. Laje Gashi, Language Department Liaison and veteran French instructor, adding, “The French Club’s signature crêpes, as always, was a hit.”
Instead of traditional crêpes, however, students crafted pink crêpes in the spirit of Valentine's Day, and became the subject of High Tech students’ snapchat stories.  The French Club also sold brownies and small candy bags, each replete with a romantic French phrase on a handwritten card.

Every language booth attracted students by the throng throughout the day.

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