High Tech Hiking Club Explores ‘Stairway to Heaven’ in the New York-New Jersey Highlands

(Wawayanda Mountain--December 16, 2018) The High Tech Hiking Club has had three hikes under its belt, but its last hike, up Pinwheel Vista, proved to be one for the books, announced Dr. Joseph Giammarella, Principal of High Tech High School.

Postponed twice due to inclement weather, the trip to Pinwheel Vista, A.K.A. “Stairway to Heaven,” a series of steep rock-slab steps switch-backing up Wawayanda Mountain, allowed the Hiking Club to revel in the breathtakingly beautiful view of a 2.5 mile trek. Rigorous and wet, the Appalachian trail challenged the mettle of the Hiking Club more than usual, yet once students and chaperones had the chance to sign the log book on the trail, spirits soared even higher.

The club’s first hike, to Ramapo Mountain State Forest, offered views of the New York Skyline and the ruins of Van Slyke Castle. Next, the club endeavored to Harriman State Park and the Lemon Squeeze, with their amazing views of Echo Lake and the rock formations.

“It is great that the Hiking Club is able to get parents and teachers involved in this exciting club,” says Ronald Kleish, history instructor at High Tech and moderator of the Hiking Club.

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