High Tech High School Takes Part in Genetic & Genomics Virtual Conference

(North Bergen, NJ—May 11-12, 2016) High Tech’s Science Majors took part in the 4thannual Genetics and Genomics free virtual conference, a two-day event held in Dr. Arun Srivastava’s class, announced Dr. Joseph Giammarella, Principal of High Tech.
The 4th Annual Genetics and Genomics free virtual conference, one of the most attended of its kind by researchers, lab directors, instructors, and other genetics professionals, allows viewers to discover advances in genetics research.  The virtual conference allows participation in a global setting, whereby people interact through live-streaming video and chat sessions with presenters from the two-day conference.
For instance, High Tech’s Jeel Shah, a resident of North Bergen, asked Vice-President and Chief Scientist for Illumina, Inc., David Bentley, “Will the sequencing detected in this U.K. industry [in the area of medical genomics] be available to other parts of the world (like the U.S.) for further research?”
Tanushri Shah, also from North Bergen, wondered if the program proved ethical and transparent, to which Bentley assured Shah that such proved to be the case.
Andrew Tran of Kearny and North Bergen resident Sarah Bacha viewed a conference given by Frederick Dewey, Head of Translational Genetics for Regeneron Genetics.  Tran inquired about the data collection of volunteers who might have died due to the gene being observed or due to natural causes.  Bacha questioned Dewey about 1stand 2nd tiers of systematic ascertainment of founder population studies.

To view the 4th Annual Genetics and Genomics free virtual conference, please go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzmJZpBfJR8.

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