High Tech Alumna Attends Prestigious Hunger Summit

Sylvia Goldfond (HTHS ‘19)
Sylvia Goldfond (HTHS ‘19)

(Secaucus, NJ--November 1, 2019) Sylvia Goldfond (HTHS ‘19) earned herself a seat at the table of the World Food Prize Global Youth Institute which was held last month during the Norman E. Borlaug International Symposium in Des Moines, Iowa, announced Dr. Joseph Giammarella, Principal of High Tech High School.

The Borlaug Symposium brings together approximately 1,000 individuals from 50 countries to discuss the global issues of food security and hunger. Within this three-day international summit is the World Food Prize Global Youth Institute (GYI). GYI attendees--of which there were 460 teachers and students from 26 US states/territories and 10 countries--presented evidence-based solutions designed to improve the lives of individuals in various locations around the world where food insecurity or hunger are major issues. Sylvia represented the state of New Jersey for her work on Food Security and Malnutrition Concerns in North Korea, research that was supported by her former teacher, Dr. Shelly Witham, who also attended the summit.

Dr. Witham described Sylvia as a “superstar” at the prestigious event which was created in 1994 by Dr. Norman Borlaug, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, and John Ruan, Iowa businessman, to challenge teams of students and teachers to discover ways to alleviate hunger and introduce students to careers in the fields of food, agriculture and natural resources. Students at GYI were also participants in the larger Symposium, which included attending an Oxfam Hunger Banquet and viewing the 2019 World Food Prize Laureate Award Ceremony which honored The Netherlands’ Simon N. Groot.

A former student at High Tech’s Academy of Environmental Science and Sustainability, Sylva currently attends the University of Pennsylvania where she majors in Cognitive Science. 


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