Former KAS Prep Student Speaks to High Tech Students

(North Bergen—October 28, 2015) High Tech Social Studies instructor Miguel Gonzalez’s freshmen and sophomores received a recent special guest, Rudolfo “Godeyvio” Castro, who spoke of volunteerism and the lasting effects of Francisco Pizzaro’s conquest of the Incas centuries ago on contemporary Peru’s poverty-stricken neighborhoods, announced Dr. Joseph Giammarella, Principal of High Tech High School. 
Castro, a former KAS Prep student, spoke about his visit to Machu Picchu and Cuzco, confessing that the trip had changed his life.  “Houses contained dirt floors and a drain was used as a shower,” he revealed.  “Eleven people lived with no private bathrooms.” This, he declared, can be traced to the economic exploitation and deprivation imposed on the Incas by Pizzaro, as systematic economic abuse in today’s Peru by multinational corporations mirrors the Conquistadors’ greedy lust for wealth.
Gonzalez’s U.S. History I class has just begun its study on the Conquistadors, who famously plundered the vast gold reserves of the Incan Empire.
Ruddy "Godeyvio" Castro dedicates his life to empowering people from all walks of life. A Kung Fu enthusiast primarily, he has made a career as a transformational life coach, motivational speaker, and a personal trainer.  Whether Castro offers his expertise at a local Police Athletic League or coaches the young and old in fitness, he seems at his purest on the stage as a speaker.  Castro dwells on spiritual teachings, such as ancient Kemetic science, Taoist philosophy, Gnostic wisdom, Quantum physics, and a litany of metaphysical teachings.  In all, he dedicates his life to seeking truth and spreading love. 

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