The Power of Hands-On Experience: Junior Students Dive into Advertising

The Power of Hands-On Experience: Junior Students Dive into Advertising

In the world of advertising, understanding the client’s needs and the essence of the business is crucial. This is a lesson that junior students are learning firsthand as they embark on various advertising initiatives for local businesses. Their approach is immersive and hands-on, involving on-site visits to capture the heart of these businesses through pictures, videos, and interviews with staff, clients, and an exploration of the facilities.

Collaborating with Ms. Cabrera’s intern, the students are not just passive observers but active participants in the storytelling process. This experiential learning trip has provided them with invaluable insights into the businesses they are supporting, going beyond the surface to grasp the deeper narrative.

At Buckighman, a facility known for its vibrant community, the students engaged with adults who frequent the center. Through interviews, they uncovered personal stories, adding a human element to their advertising material. The students also got to experience the facility’s recreational aspects, like the pool tables, which are not just games but a part of the community’s social fabric.

The visit to Haven was particularly poignant. Witnessing a teen in distress provided a raw, unfiltered look at the challenges some individuals face, challenges that Haven seeks to address. The interviews with two students seeking counseling at Haven added layers of context to the students’ understanding, emphasizing the facility’s role in providing support and guidance.

These experiences are more than just academic exercises; they are life lessons in empathy, understanding, and the power of effective communication. The content gathered will serve as a foundation for future advertising endeavors, both in print and online, but the impact of these experiences will likely extend far beyond the realm of advertising, shaping these young minds for years to come.

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