Students From County Prep Present at 4th Annual Youth Conference “Discovering Sustainability Science”

County Prep students presented via video at the 4th Annual Youth Conference “Discovering Sustainability Science” sponsored by the NY Sunworks and streamed live from the auditorium of PS 333 in New York City on June 12, 2015. Students Larendra Nyakrit, Nicholas Schwanse, Almar Garcia, and Michael George from the Hydroponics and Aquaculture class constructed a hydroponics system with the use of recycled materials that functioned efficiently in the growth of plants. The students were selected to present their project at the Annual Youth Conference. The NY Sunworks is a non- profit organization that promotes environmental education through the use of innovative science labs that utilize hydroponic farming. County Prep High School developed a partnership with the NY Sunworks to upgrade equipment in their greenhouse classroom and implement new curriculum elements. Students in the class were challenged to utilize STEM components to design and implement a unique and efficient hydroponics system. The students received support from their teachers, Mr. Nicholas LaVolpe and Dr. Stephanie Szymanski, in the completion of this project. They would like to thank Ryan Gullace from Ms. Pica’s audiovisual class and the NY Sunworks for making this a successful and rewarding experience.

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