School Board Member Recognition Month (NJSBA)

School Board Member Recognition Month (NJSBA)

The Hudson County Schools of Technology Board of Education is one of 580 local school boards in New Jersey, which sets policies and oversees operations for public school districts; and


The Hudson County Schools of Technology Board of Education embraces the goal of high-quality education for all New Jersey public school students; and supports the district's mission as an innovative, collaborative and diverse community that empowers lifelong learning by educating students for college and careers.


New Jersey’s 5,000 local school board members, who receive no remuneration for their services, act as advocates for public school students as they work with administrators, teachers and parents for the betterment of public education;


School boards strive to provide the resources necessary to meet the needs of all students, including those with special needs;


Boards of education provide accountability to the public; they communicate the needs of the school district to the public; and they convey to school administrators the public’s expectations for the schools; and


New Jersey can take pride in its schools, which rank among the nation’s best in key achievement indicators such as the National Assessment of Educational Progress scores, and the preparation for college through advanced placement offerings and SAT assessments.

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