New Mission, Beliefs, Strengths and Challenges for HCST

June 5, 2014 (North Bergen, NJ) – The HCST District held this year’s "Mission Vision 2020" meeting at St. Peter’s University in Jersey City and included representatives from local businesses, announced Linda J. Quentzel, Executive Director of the Foundation.

The Mission Vision 2020 meeting gathered educators, parents, administrators, current students, alumni, HCST Foundation members, Board of Education members and community members together to assess the direction of the schools. This community-wide effort has been a long-standing district tradition.

With the financial support by the HCST Foundation, Dr. Joseph Sirangelo, Assistant Superintendent and Colleen Smith, Director of Personnel, did a tremendous job facilitating the event.

“The objective of the meeting is to identify HCST, to improve, and to look at our challenges,” said Superintendent Frank J. Gargiulo who has hosted these meetings for 25 years.

During the duration of the meeting, teams were assigned with the goal of identifying district beliefs, strengths and challenges. A core committee will be tasked with developing a vision for the future.

Collectively the groups came up with the new mission statement, “The Hudson County Schools of Technology is a visionary community that inspires creative independent thinking through diverse learning opportunities.”

Action teams will be established throughout the district to address the goals and action plans. “We have been doing this for 25 years and every challenge and goal that we have set has been accomplished,” said Assistant Superintendent Dr. Joseph Sirangelo.

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