Music and Art Connect in Inspiring Art Project for County Prep Students

Studio Art classes began their coursework at County Prep with a meaningful project designed by their instructor Ms. Jillian Mulrain to help them process the current pandemic. The idea behind the project “My Pandemic Coping Song” was for students to create an illustration based on a song that they felt has helped them get through this pandemic. Selections could be uplifting songs that helped to brighten their mood or ones that they would listen to when they were feeling down, isolated, or overwhelmed by it all. Pictured here is the work of Tsewang Sherpa. 

Jillian Mulrain, Studio Art instructor at County Prep, said, “I think his piece is inspirational and a nice way to look at things during this not-so-happy time for many!” The song Tsewang chose for inspiration for this piece was “Aashish” by Bipul Chettri, an Indian artist who sings in the Nepali language. The song title “Aashish” translates to 'Blessings'.

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