Mapping Equity: Catherine Gladbach's Presentation

Mapping Equity: Catherine Gladbach's Presentation

Mapping Equity: Catherine Gladbach's PresentationOn April 22, 2024, Catherine Gladbach, a member of the class of 2023, showcased her project titled “Green Deserts, Income, and Accessibility in Brooklyn” to the freshman and sophomores of the Environmental Science Academy at High Tech. This meticulously crafted map, created using ArcGIS, exemplifies Catherine's dedication to addressing environmental equity issues.

Catherine's journey began when she deferred starting college for a year to explore potential career interests. She joined City Gap, a semester-long program focusing on challenges faced by New York City. Through her observations, Catherine noticed disparities in park accessibility and maintenance between neighborhoods of different income levels. This sparked her curiosity and led her to investigate further.

Her map aimed to answer critical questions: Is there equitable access to parks in Brooklyn neighborhoods via public transit? Are there areas in Brooklyn lacking green spaces, termed as “green deserts”? Does income level influence the distribution of parks?

Catherine's presentation not only highlighted the disparities but also proposed solutions to address them. Her project caught the attention of the Parks Department of New York City, where she hopes to intern this summer, furthering her commitment to creating positive change in her community.

Despite deferring her college enrollment, Catherine's dedication to her academic pursuits and her passion for environmental justice shine through. She will be attending Penn State in the fall, armed with experiences and skills gained from her time at High Tech and City Gap. Catherine's journey serves as an inspiration to her peers and a testament to the power of passion and determination in effecting meaningful change.

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