High Tech's Environmental Science Academy Students Present Their Research On Global Food Security

High Tech's Environmental Science Academy Students Present
Their Research On Global Food Security

Three ambitious seniors from High Tech’s Environmental Science Academy, Dalia Elmahdy, Gabriella Dominguez, and Michelle DeCastro, have recently showcased their innovative research on global food security. Their presentation took place at the esteemed New Jersey Youth Institute World Food Prize event at Rutgers-New Brunswick on March 8, 2024.

These dedicated students embarked on a mission to tackle food insecurity by developing research projects aimed at finding practical solutions in areas most affected by this global challenge. Their objective was clear: to devise research-backed strategies that would contribute to achieving food security within a targeted nation.

The New Jersey Youth Initiative World Food Prize provided a platform for these young researchers to disseminate their findings among peers, community leaders, and academic scholars. This event, held at Rutgers’ School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, serves as an educational and inspirational gathering for high school students. It encourages them to delve into pressing global issues, participate in interactive activities, and discover impactful ways to become agents of change within their communities.

By participating the students not only gained valuable knowledge but also earned the prestigious title of Borlaug Scholars. This accolade is in honor of Norman Borlaug, the renowned American agronomist whose contributions to agriculture have significantly bolstered global food supplies.

As Borlaug Scholars, these high-achieving students are now eligible for internships and other enriching opportunities that will further their development as future leaders in the fight against hunger. Standout students who presented at the New Jersey Youth Institute will receive invitations to the Global Youth Institute in Des Moines, IA. There, they will engage with international peers to examine a critical food-related issue and present their insights to world-renowned experts in the field. The selection process for this opportunity is expected to occur in the summer of 2024.

Dr. Shelly Witham, the Environmental Science instructor at HTHS who orchestrated this event, expressed immense pride in her students’ commitment. She emphasized the importance of their work within the broader context of combating food insecurity globally. Dr. Witham’s sentiment resonates with the need for passionate and intelligent individuals to collaborate with global leaders dedicated to eradicating hunger and enhancing food security worldwide.

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