HCSTF Sponsors Winning Workshop for County Prep Dancers

March 10, 2017 (Jersey City, N.J.) – The County Prep Dance Program, led by Ms.

Heather Warfel-Sandler, recently won Top Honors at the Hudson County Teen Arts

Festival thanks in part to an HCSTF-sponsored collaboration with percussionist Ravish

Momin, announced Silverio A. Vega, Development Coordinator of the HCST Foundation.

Senior dancers Mia Stephens, Amanda Abdelaal, Tamir Rios, Selah Rogerson, Alyssa

Acciavatti, and Veronica Gagliardi from Ms. Wafel-Sandler’s dance program initially met

with Ravish Momin in the fall of 2016, after the HCST Foundation approved a grant for

the workshop. Momin, who has international performance experience and has worked

with musicians including Shakira, worked alongside these young artists to create a

unique dance-and-drum piece which earned them Top Honors.

Ms. Warfel-Sandler says the piece was conceived by the students, who had the vision

to include live music and to use performance as a platform for sharing their often

unheard points of view. Warfel-Sandler explains, “This successful collaboration

between myself, my students, and a professional guest artist is another testament to

the mission of the County Prep Dance Program, which is to make progressive, original

work. We will continue to prioritize the creative process, and we are grateful to the

foundation and our administration for their support of our unique goals.”

The dance program also received a Judges Award for “Learning to be Lost,” a trio

choreographed by Meagan Woods.

Foundation President Daniel Gans says, “We’re very proud to have helped forge a

meaningful and successful connection for Ms. Warfel-Sandler and her students. We

hope this endeavor will inspire these young artists to further their many talents.”

HCST Superintendent Frank J. Gargiulo adds, “Congratulations to Ms. Warfel-Sandler

and her students. The Foundation has helped these students to make a vital

connection in the worlds of dance and music, and their collaborative success is

something to be proud of.”

The County Prep Dancers will host their annual concert on May 11th & 12th, 2017,

where they will showcase the full extent of their talents.

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