Halal Food for Muslim Students at HCST

Mr. Gerald Lyons, the director of food services in our school district, including County Prep, High Tech, and Explore 2000, received input from a group of Muslim students regarding the lack of availability of halal food.  County Prep principal, Ms. Barbara Mendolla, responded to our request favorably.  For Muslim students in the Hudson County Schools of Technology, it is considered a milestone to have halal food  available in our school district.  County Prep happens to already be a very welcoming environment for students from all parts of the world, but the inclusion of halal meat expands the idea of such an environment even further.

On behalf of the Middle Eastern Cultural Club moderator, Dr. Syed Abbasi, and all the Muslim students of Hudson County Schools of Technology, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to our principal, Ms. Barbara Mendolla, food services director, Mr. Gerald Lyons, and the board of directors of the Hudson County Schools of Technology for sincerely listening to our concern and taking action. This breakthrough has enhanced County Prep, High Tech, and Explore 2000 even further as places for students of all ethnicities and religions to feel a sense of comfort. The HCST administration proved yet again that students’ genuine concerns will never go unnoticed. -  By: Burhan Zaman

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